Sunday, May 27, 2012

Week off

Other than going to 2 yoga classes, I've taken this week off from working out and running.  My leg cramps were such an issue last week that I knew I needed to take a few days off from running, but I've actually felt so tired I've just given myself a rest from everything.

I've been struggling a little feeling guilty, panicking I'm going to get fat, or that I'll lose all my endurance, but I'm trying to put those feelings aside and embrace the rest.  I've gotten to catch up on sleep this weekend, get some things done inside the house and outside, and it really has felt good.  The previous couple of weeks I was going pretty hard with 3 yoga classes a week, running a lot immediately after yoga class, plus making it to work and other obligations.  I've gotten to sleep in 3 days this week and it's felt AMAZING!

I was supposed to run a 5K on Saturday morning, but we actually ended up being in Mooresville until midnight on Friday because my husband's grandma wasn't doing well.  Even though I could have still had 7 hours of sleep before the race, I just wanted to sleep.  Pete got up and made it to the race and came in at 27:53.  Yesterday afternoon my husband's grandma passed away so this week we'll have the visitation and funeral.  She was 91 and not doing very well so we're all happy that she's not in pain anymore.

Because of family events next week, I'm probably not going to make it to all 15 yoga classes for the month of commitment.  I've been to 11, but the studio is closed on Monday (which aggravates me that they would have this challenge during a month when they're closing for a day, but oh well), so unless I go to 2 classes in 1 day a couple of times I probably won't make it.  I'm still really proud of myself for going to as many as I have, but I do hate leaving the challenge unfinished when I've come so close.  More guilty feelings.

Workout guilt is such a difficult thing.  It reminds me of being in law school when I had some kind of homework to do but I was doing something fun rather than working on it - sometimes I couldn't stop thinking about the work I should be doing and couldn't enjoy myself because I was so preoccupied.  I had to just accept that I wasn't going to my homework at that moment and put it out of my mind so that if I was going to procrastinate, at least I could have fun!  I think rest days (and especially rest weeks) are the same.  So I've been telling myself that it's okay for me to rest and it will actually be good for me because I'll be ready to work out hard next week, and to enjoy the rest time while I can!

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