Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Month of commitment

Today was the first day of the month of commitment in which I'm participating at my yoga studio.  51 yogis have signed up to commit to attending 15 classes during the month of May.  That's definitely a lot of yoga for me, but I'm really excited about the challenge.

I took the Slow Flow class tonight, which is labeled as Gentle Yoga on the class schedule, but Tammy made us work.  It was slow paced and more relaxed but we did some serious engaging of our bellies and legs.  My lower back was aching all day and this was just what I needed.  I actually ended up getting off work at a random time and considered just heading home since it was an hour to go until class started, but I decided to wait it out at Starbucks and sipped a green tea while catching up on emails.  I'm so glad I did...I felt rejuvenated after class and excited about my commitment.

At the beginning of class Tammy invited us to explore what we were committing to through the 15 classes - was it a commitment to be more fit?  A commitment to be more relaxed?  A commitment to making our practice a priority?  It could be anything we wanted.  I knew that I was committing to overcoming fear and getting back to my pre-miscarriage self.  I want to overcome the fear that yoga somehow contributed to my ectopic pregnancy (a fear for which I have no support or evidence) and return to loving yoga and wanting to practice 2 or more times a week.  I want to let go of being a person desperately consumed by trying to get pregnant and get back to enjoying each day.  I think 15 yoga classes in May will help push me towards that place.

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