Monday, January 21, 2013

2012 in review

Here's a quick look back at my 2012 goals plus how I feel about my accomplishments toward each of them:

Finish the Disney Princess Half Marathon in 2:30 or less
I ended up finishing in 2:34:40, just a few minutes short of my goal, but I could not be more satisfied!  I felt great the entire time, ran 7 miles without a single walk break for the first time in my life, and felt better than I had on any run.  Not to mention I had a really great time!

Cook dinner at least twice a week
Unfortunately I didn't keep up with this goal hardly at all.  I know cooking really fell by the wayside when I was running and working a lot.  But in the last few months I know my cooking really picked up so I'm happy about that!

Practice yoga twice a week
I haven't been to a yoga class since May, but I did great for those first five months of the year.  May was definitely the high point of my fitness for the year.  I miss yoga and hope to get back into it after the baby's born, but I know it will be hard since my yoga studio is about 40 minutes away from my house.

Go to church at least twice a month
Well, there's no doubt I failed desperately at this one.  I'm going to renew this goal for 2013.  It's just so hard for me to get out of bed early on weekends.  I know that will be changing with baby's arrival!

Run a 5K in under 30:00
I was so close to achieving this goal during the last couple months before I got pregnant, but I stopped working towards it at that point.  I'm not sure if I'll renew this goal for 2013 or not because I plan to focus more on building my endurance up rather than speed, but it's still something I want to accomplish in the foreseeable future!

Save $100-$200 every week of working
I stopped working after I got pregnant because I felt so bad for so long and my hour-long commute became a big struggle, but I think I did achieve this goal for every week that I worked.

Spend less time on Facebook
This is one goal at which I was surprisingly successful!  I am a huge Facebook junkie, but I actually went 6 weeks with no Facebook at all and I've definitely reduced the amount of time I spend looking at it.

Follow $200 per month budget for shopping
Sadly I didn't really keep up with my progress on this goal.  I did a good deal of shopping in 2012, but I was actually very good at curbing my spending towards the end of the year.

Keep the credit card bill under $2,000 per month
I didn't do so well at this goal, but I did make a good faith effort and did decrease my spending on a whole.

Get (and stay) pregnant
It took awhile but I am so thrilled to say that I achieved this goal!

Looking towards 2013 is a little difficult because I know a lot of changes are coming.  I want to embrace those changes and I'm looking forward to life with a baby, but I also want to hang on to a little bit of the "old Tina" as well.

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