Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Well, on tonight's run I was so concerned with not running too fast that I ran too slow!  One of these days I'm going to master pacing.  But anyway, I decided to do 5:1s because I wore heels today and my legs were feeling stiff.  One positive thing about the run was that my super slow pace gave me a lot of endurance and this is the first time I've really noticed a big difference in my endurance based on my pace. After the first two 5:1s, I went for 12:30 before taking another 1 minute walk break, and then did the last 7:30 without stopping.  We covered 2.8 miles in 33 minutes--not horrible, but not great.

My legs were hurting a bit during this run, but it's definitely because my form was super sloppy.  My husband said that I was running weird the whole time.  At the end of the run, I noticed that the ball of my right foot was sore like it had been running barefoot on the ground but I did not have the same feeling in my left foot.  I think I was pushing off on the right foot with all of my weight instead of distributing it evenly across both feet.

On Friday's run I'll definitely be focusing on finding my happy pace!  I told my husband that these 30-minute runs just seem so challenging to me, even more challenging than the 5-miler coming up on Sunday, because I just don't like running based on time.  For some reason I feel like I do better when I'm going for a specific distance.  He proposed the simple solution of making those runs 3-milers instead of 30 minutes.  I think I'm going to give that a try, because I'll feel like I accomplish more and I won't be watching the clock the whole time.

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