Saturday, November 26, 2011

First run in the new shoes

I just finished my first run in my new Mizuno Wave Riders!

And the verdict is... LOVE!!  One thing I was worried about was the size of the shoes.  I'm normally an 8, but the fitologist (love that word) at Run For Your Life recommended I size up to a 9 so my toes wouldn't be pressed right up against the front of the shoe.  He said if I was dealing with that for 13.1 miles, my toes would hate me by the end.  I took his advice, but I was a little worried I would feel like I was running on boats today and trip over the big shoes.  It ended up not being an issue at all!  I actually really liked how my midfoot and arches felt snug and secure, but I had all this delightful room for my toes to spread out!

When I first started out, I could really feel in my legs that I was running a little differently.  I think it was just the adjustment to the different kind of cushioning in my new shoes because the soreness only lasted for about a minute and then I was fine.  I also felt some minor soreness in my feet at different points, but again I think it was just adjustment to the shoes.

Overall, it was an excellent run!  Because my cough attacked with such vengeance last night, I decided to just do a 30-minute run today.  My initial goal was three 10-minute running segments punctuated by 2-minute walk breaks.  But once I got going, I just kept talking myself into running further (this was mostly to do with my desire to time my walk breaks to coincide with going up a hill) and ended up running 21 minutes before taking a 4-minute walk break.  I finished up with a 9-minute running segment and ended up completing 3 miles at 34:05!  Now if only I could hit 3.1 in that time...

The biggest indicator of how great my shoes are came at the end of the run.  I came inside to do some stretches because my shins and calves are usually pretty tight, even after a short run, but when I got into a nice down dog, my legs felt just like they did before the run!  Not tight, not cramping, just warm and strong!  But I'm still sitting on the couch with my ice packs on, because my ice packs make me feel hard core and I've missed them :)

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