Friday, November 25, 2011

Turkey Trot!

Well, after my run last Wednesday, I really started to feel the effects of the cold I was trying to catch.  I decided to rest on Thursday in hopes that I would be better by the weekend, but the cold just kept getting worse.  I'm pretty sure the cause was me not getting enough sleep last week.  I ended up leaving work early on Friday and not working at all Monday and Tuesday of this week.  I was already taking off the rest of the week because of Thanksgiving.

I've been steadily getting better with lots of rest and yesterday I finally felt up to running again!  My husband and I had been planning on doing our own Turkey Trot the morning of Thanksgiving for awhile so I was excited I was able to participate!  I did decent, but I could tell I hadn't been out in awhile.  I was able to do two 1.5 mile segments with a .25 mile walk break in between.  It took almost exactly 38:00.  My stats from Toby are decent--it's obvious that starting out I was having a hard time finding my groove and my happy pace, but I got there after about 6 minutes.  I was really pleased with it and very happy to be back out again!

I was really starting to feel like a lazy lump again and I was worried about falling behind on my training!  I'm about 4 runs behind, including a 6 miler, which I'm hoping to complete either tomorrow or Sunday.  I'm all better except for this nagging cough, which has decided to really bother me today, but the hubby and I have been very busy doing Black Friday shopping so I think I just need to take it easy the rest of the night!

Speaking of shopping, Pete had an early Christmas surprise for me today!  He wanted to drive to Charlotte today to check on some deals for him, so while we were up there he suggested we stop by Run For Your Life, the running store that's near my yoga studio that I've wanted to check out.  Then when we walked in he told me we were stopping so that I could get custom fitted for new running shoes!!  That's where I was planning on getting them when I needed new shoes, but it was really exciting to go ahead and get them!  The staff member who assisted us was excellent.  He talked to me about what kind of running I was doing, whether I was having any pain or issues, and then he watched me walk and run.  He said that I'm running pretty neutrally, so that's great!  I tried 3 different pairs, ran in each one, and ended up doing a side-by-side comparison of Nikes that were similar to the shoes I had and a pair of Mizunos.  When I put them on side-by-side, the difference was obvious!  The Nikes were sliding around my foot and felt cushioned, but not secured.  The Mizunos had more arch support but also felt snugger through my midfoot and didn't slide around at all!  I can't wait to try them out on the's hoping that will be on the 6 mile run this weekend!  After I picked out the shoes, the staff member suggested some good technical socks and also talked with me about different gels and energy boosters that would be good during my long runs.  I plan to start trying those soon too!  I have the very best husband! (He didn't get left out of the Christmas fun...we also got him a brand new road bike from Bike Line so he can get ready for his triathlon in April!)

It would be a pretty perfect day if I didn't have this cough!  I'm so ready to be healthy again and running regularly!  I also haven't been to yoga in a week and I'm feeling desperately tight.  Next week I'm going to start afresh and go to sleep earlier so I stay healthy for my workouts!

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