Monday, February 20, 2012

Surprise people

In the days leading up to my half marathon, people are starting to express their thoughts that they were surprised that I ever became a runner.

Early in my training, while we were out on a long run of 6 miles my husband told me that if someone told him when we started dating that one day I'd be making him go out and run 6 miles with me, he'd have told them they were crazy.  Saturday night at dinner my grandma told that if someone had told her a few years ago that I would become a runner she'd have told them they were crazy.  Yesterday my mom told me that her mother said that if someone ever said I'd be a runner, she'd have told them they were crazy.

What I've deduced from all this is that no one expected me to actually run this half marathon, but now that it's days away and it's clear that I'm going to do it, they feel more comfortable expressing those opinions.

I was amused when my husband said it, but I did start to get slightly offended the more often I heard it.  Just how lazy do these people think I am??  I was thinking, though, I shouldn't be offended by it--I should be proud.  Proud that I did something of which no one really thought me capable.  Proud that I set a goal and followed through with it.  Proud that I am going to accomplish something that the majority of people never even attempt.  Proud that I can now say with confidence, no matter how surprised people are by it, I AM A RUNNER.

I want to continue to surprise people in other areas of my life by constantly challenging myself to do things that others, and maybe even myself, might not think me capable of doing.

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