Saturday, February 4, 2012

Winter Flight 8K

I ran the Winter Flight 8K this morning here in Salisbury.  My first race since a Halloween 2009 5K in Chapel Hill!  It didn’t start till 10 so I got to sleep in a little, then I had a bottle of water, a cup of coffee, and some overnight oats for breakfast.

My hubby, his law partner, and my parents came out to watch the race.  I battled leg pain for the first 3 miles (grrr), and then I miraculously fell into a 10:30 pace for the last 2 miles!  I had to take a lot of walk breaks during the first half of the race because my legs were literally just aching.  It was frustrating because I wanted to finish around 55 minutes, but I knew I wouldn’t quite make it once I had to walk so much.  Even during the last leg when I was running steady I could feel that my legs were weak and I was not running in good form. 

I finished at about 58:26 according to the clock.  I wore Toby the whole time and started him right at the start line, but then I completely forgot to stop him until I’d crossed the finished line and walked over to the table where they checked off my finishing order.  I believe I came in 255th place.  Hopefully the official results will be up later today!

I was a little disappointed because I thought there were only 3 women in my age group (20-24), but it turned out there were 4, and I was last, so no medal for me!  Oh well, it was still really fun and my fastest 5 mile time ever! 

My little cheering crew drove around to wave at me in the middle of the race and were of course there at the finish line!  It was so great to see them there and wave at them!  There was a light rain all morning so they stood out there in the rain just to cheer me on.  I have the most wonderful husband and family! :)

My legs are killing me now so I’m on the couch with my ice packs strapped to my shins.  Tomorrow we’re going to watch the Super Bowl with my in-laws so I think we might go over to the Charlotte Running Company since it’s nearby—I want to talk to the people there about possibly needing more arch support in my shoes, or other things I could do to get rid of this shin pain.

I’ve got the bug and I’m ready for more races!  I never thought 5 miles would seem like such a short distance, but it flew by today!

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