Thursday, December 1, 2011

Back in the game!

I haven't posted in awhile, but I have been running!  On Sunday my husband and I managed to make it out for the 6 mile run!  I was tired, and feeling really beat by the end, but we did it and it felt great.  The goal was four 1.5 mile segments, but I was really dragging at the end so we split the last segment in half at .75 miles.  That put us at four .25 mile walk breaks for 1 mile total of walking.  We ended up at 7 miles in 1:27:12 with an average pace of 12:27.  I would liked to have gone a little faster but I just wasn't up for it. I was still getting over the tail end of my wicked cold!

I also tried a gel for the first time on the 6 mile run--PowerBar chocolate flavored.  It was a lot tastier than I expected!  It actually tasted a lot like liquified Nutz Over Chocolate Luna Bars, which I love!  I didn't notice that it gave me a huge energy boost, but maybe I would have really been dying if I hadn't had the gel halfway through the run.  The one thing I didn't like was that it tasted a bit salty and my mouth felt dry during the last half of the run, even though I drank almost an entire bottle of water with the gel.  I've got 3 more kinds to try, so I'll check one of those out on the 7 mile run I've got scheduled for Saturday!

Last night we went for a 30 minute run (I'm so glad my husband has been joining me lately, we've been having such a great time together!), our first run in sub-50 degree temperatures.  I wore a Nike DRI-Fit Cotton long-sleeve tee and my Nike pants, and because it felt so cold out I also wore my North Face jacket.  About 5 minutes into the run I definitely didn't need the jacket and unzipped it almost all the way. Being so insulated also kind of through me off my game--I ran at a very slow pace for a short run and I also was running with poor form because my legs were bothering me at the end.  But I'm super proud because we ran the whole 30 minutes without any walk breaks!  That's the first time I've been able to do that since my very first day of Princess Training!  We resolved that we both wanted to run a little faster the next time, though!

Next time was tonight--we went out for another 30 minute run.  This time I was better prepared as far as what to wear.  I ditched the North Face, and since the Nike cotton tee is too thin for these temps, I wore an Under Armour shirt that I've had for awhile.  It ended up being perfect!  I was a bit cold at first but quickly warmed up.  The sleeves were long so I could pull them over my hands (just wish they had thumbholes) and the top had a half-zip up top, which zipped would make a mock turtleneck.  It even had a little zipper garage so the zipper wouldn't scrape my chin!  I wore my Nike pants again because they are amazing, and I felt great the whole run!  We definitely achieved our goal of running ended up being my fastest run to-date!  We did two 15-minute segments with one 5-minute walk break, so we ended at 35:00 with a total of 3.26 miles and an average pace of 10:44!  WOOHOO!!!!!!  Now if I could just run that fast without the walk break!  I'll be getting pretty close to 3 miles in 30 minutes, which is at the top of my goal list!

So far, I'm really liking running in the cold :)

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