Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Today's Run: Pretty, pretty princess!

After Monday's run, I was feeling discouraged.  After today's run, I feel exhilarated!  I scaled back my goals a bit and decided to start on week 3 of the Couch to 5K plan, which consists of run 90 seconds, walk 90 seconds, run 3 minutes, walk 3 minutes, repeat.  And I have to say, it was a huge success!

Even though I whined about the nature trail in my last post, I decided to go for it again.  I just really liked the solitude - I guess that's how much I am NOT a people person.  I ran the whole 1 mile trail and back on the C25K routine.  And I did it in less than 25 minutes, which puts me at about a 12:15 pace!  I am so happy about that, because I never thought I would be that fast.  That included my walk breaks, so I think I could do 10 minute miles without the breaks.  That may not sound like much, but it's astounding to me!

I'm also excited because today I found a goal race!  It's perfect - in February, so it's far away enough away that I have time to train but I am going to have to train CONSISTENTLY until then to actually be able to run it, and it's the Disney Princess Half Marathon!  I mean, how much more perfect could it get?  Disney World, princesses...  I also found an 18-week training program that starts with a long run of 3 miles, which will be perfect to start after I finish the C25K program.  I am so excited about it!

In fact, I'm so excited because of the race and the success of my run today, I might even run again tomorrow! :)

Miles logged: 3.1

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