Monday, August 22, 2011

Today's Run: Surprisingly tough

In spite of being super excited for today's run, it was a tough one.  I'm really glad I didn't let my cockiness get in the way, because I was seriously considering skipping ahead to Week 5 of C25K.  But you know, that workout might be easier after all.  Today's run involved 3 minute run intervals, 90 second walk intervals, 5 minute run intervals, and 2.5 minute walk intervals.  Alternatively, the week 5 runs involve run and walk intervals of equal times, as opposed to shorter walk intervals.  I think that's what made it so much harder.

I hit the nature trail again today, because it's much more peaceful than running at the Y.  I think after today, though, I might switch to the treadmill.  Next week I'll be on vacation so all my runs will be on the treadmill, so I thought I'd try to start getting used to that.  Also, it's really discouraging when the humidity affects my speed and endurance.

My time today was 12:30 on the nature trail, with an average of 13 minutes.  I made it the whole 3 miles in 39 minutes on the dot, but my warm-up was a little slow because I got caught behind some people walking their dog.  I really want to break past the 12:00 minute mile point.  I think that will be my mini goal for the time being.

The primary thing that made today's run so hard was pain in my shins.  They feel so weak!  Almost like they could just snap at times.  I ice them after every run, which helps with soreness, but it doesn't help the feeling during the runs.  I think I need more calcium in my system.  So, tomorrow's to-do list: get a multivitamin, get a calcium supplement, get more ice packs for my legs.

Miles logged: 3.1

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