Monday, December 12, 2011

101.44, baby!!

That's right...I have run more than 100 miles since getting Toby!  And there are a few runs that I did before Toby came along, and on the treadmill since I've had Toby.  It's great to see the number there in my stats, though!  It feels like such a big accomplishment.

I'm thankful I have that accomplishment to make me feel better about the crappy runs I've been having lately!  My old shin and ankle pains have come back and have been torturing my short runs.  Ever since the awesome 3.28 miles in 34 minutes I have been struggling.  I think the problem is that I stopped icing after every run because I thought I was better.  I'm icing as I write this and I hope that will make a difference on my next run.

Tonight I covered 3.15 miles in 35 minutes.  Not horrible, but not where I'd like to be at this point.  My ankles were aching almost from the beginning, but I managed to do 12 minutes before stopping for a 3 minute walk break to start out.  Then I pushed through another 13 minutes of running, 2 minute walk break, and ended with 5 minutes of running.

I really, really hate these leg pains.  I haven't had them in so long I'd forgotten how discouraging they were and how they could ruin what would otherwise be a really pleasant, fun run.  Tomorrow I'm going to hot yoga so that should get me nice and stretched out, and hopefully these ice packs will do the trick as well!

I ran to my parents' house again tonight and this time they were home, so I didn't have to run back :)

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