Saturday, December 10, 2011

Approaching 100

I've got 2 runs to sum up in this post...well, maybe 2 and a half.  My goal this week was to run Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday--all short runs.  Monday was my fast, fantastic run!  On Wednesday the hubby and I set out despite some pretty chilly temps and some pretty fat rain drops.  I was all set to be hard core and run in the rain, but my feet started getting wet and the rain drops were splattering me in the face and making visibility pretty low (it was also dark).  So after 10:08 and .98 miles, I steered us back inside the house.  Hubby was very grateful.  I was disappointed, but no sense running with cold, wet feet!

I decided to make up for Wednesday's short-lived run by running on Thursday.  I set out alone planning to run 3 miles.  After the first two, my legs were cramping pretty badly and I considered throwing in the towel.  I turned off Toby and came in the house, but I did a few stretches and felt better so I decided to finish it up!  I headed it back out and randomly decided to run to my parents' house.  I've considered doing it several times as they live less than a mile away in the neighborhood right next to ours, but just hadn't done it yet.  Of course the first time I decide to surprise them, they aren't home!  I finished up my 30 minutes right at their driveway and went inside to say hello to the puppies.  Now at this point, I didn't really want to run anymore and had intended that my parents would drive them home.  I considered calling my husband to see if he was leaving work soon and would pick me up, but then I remembered my parents don't have a landline anymore!  I sat there for a few minutes, debated waiting on them, and then decided I'd just run back home.  It actually turned out really well because the last leg of the run went great and I finished at 4 miles in 43:15 (not including the breaks I took inside)!

This afternoon was time for a 3 mile run, which I considered making a 4-miler because I was pumped from Thursday night, but my legs were so tired today and I just didn't have it in me!  I actually fell a little short of my goal of running for 3 total miles, not including my walk breaks, and finished up at 3.1 in 34:37.  I did some yoga this evening to help stretch out my legs...I definitely need to get back into my 2 class per week routine!

On two of the runs this week I got to try out my FABULOUS new lululemon gear!  On the rainy run that wasn't meant to be I wore my Run: Essential Jacket.  It was really comfortable!  So soft and light I didn't feel like I was wearing anything, but it definitely helped protect my body from all the raindrops!  I also L-O-V-E the thumbholes!  They are absolutely my favorite thing about lulu clothes and I wish all my long-sleeved tops had them!

On my 4-miler I wore my Run: For It Tights and Run: For It Pullover.  I wish I could wear these all the time!  I got both in black so I look like a running ninja!  They are lined with tech-fleece, which is so soft and so cozy.  As soon as I pulled on the tights I felt warm.  The rise on the tights was perfect--they didn't slip or side a single time during my run!  And the pullover...oh, the pullover!  Be still my heart.  It's so flattering...I adore the asymmetrical half-zip and the cuffins kept my hands nice and toasty until I got warmed up!  I really have no negatives about either item.  I want it to keep getting cold so I can keep wearing them on every run!  Although as it gets colder I'm gonna have to wear a tank under the pullover.  I did wish I had a little more warmth in my core by the end of the run.

All in all, a very good week!  I might go for a little run tomorrow as well because I'm less than 3 miles away from hitting 100 miles on Toby!!!!!!!!!

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