Monday, September 26, 2011

Just let me lie on the floor for awhile...

Some days (like today), the only thing that gets me through my 90 minute yoga practice is the fact that at the end I get to do corpse pose for 1 glorious minute.  I realize that I don't have to go through 90 minutes of yoga in order to lie on the floor in silence for a minute--I could just go lie on the floor and skip all the rest.  But there's something about the state of mind I'm in after all that yoga...I feel stretched, strengthened, centered, and clean, and when I go into corpse pose I really feel like my entire body is immobile.  That minute is really my favorite part of the day.

Currently my yoga practice is YogaX from P90X.  I think it's a really great workout and introduction to yoga, but I'm hoping to broaden my horizons and try some new practices.  I'm considering getting some Rodney Yee DVDs.  I really like his demeanor and his voice is like cold water!


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