Thursday, September 15, 2011


I've been slacking on posts lately, but here is what's been going on with me... I completed my first 20 minute nonstop run on the nature trail last week, and it went really well! I stayed really slow at a 12:00 pace and didn't start getting out of breath until I had 3 minutes to go. My legs were heavy, but they didn't cramp or seize up like they have been. But getting in the first workout of Week 6 of C25K, which is 5-3-8-3-5, has been an enormous challenge. My legs have seized up right about the end of the first 5 minute segment every time on the treadmill. I finally completed the workout last night on the streets of my neighborhood, with only slight leg cramping. It was a tough run though, and I was disappointed by that. But I'm not running today or tomorrow, with plans to run Saturday morning before we go to the Carolina game. Hopefully that will give my legs a nice rest so I can make a stronger showing in my next workout.

In other news, I officially signed up for the Disney Princess Half Marathon!!!!!!! I'm so excited! My mom is going with me and we're going to Harry Potter World the Thursday and Friday before the race. My half training program officially starts the first week of October, right when I finish C25K! So I'm very driven to complete all of my workouts now, because I'm genuinely training.

I feel like I could be making serious progress if it weren't for my leg issues. They really get me down sometimes, but I'm stretching and icing and hopefully soon I'll build up enough strength that they're not a problem anymore.

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