Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Today's Run: Back to the real world

Today was my first run after a 9-day vacation, but I'm proud to say that I worked out while on vacation, too!  I'm very happy that exercising is becoming part of my regular vacation routine.  Because of the horrible condition my legs were in the week before I left, I started out on the elliptical.  I did the elliptical twice, and then decided to give the treadmill a try.  My legs still hurt, but nothing close to the incident I had at the Y last week, so I pushed through.  I ran in 5- and 3-minute increments, with 3-minute walks in between.  I also did the bike one day because I was bored with the elliptical.

We got home yesterday, but this evening was my first opportunity to work out so I headed to the Y to get on the treadmill.  It was a bit rainy, so I decided not to brave the muddy nature trail.  I was aiming for the first work out in Week 5 of C25K, which is 5-minute runs, buffered by 3-minute walks.  At first, I was in some pain, so after 2 of the runs I walked for 10 minutes.  I felt much better after walking it out, and then I was able to do the full work out with no extra breaks.

The legs were hurting a good bit, so I came home and stretched really well and then iced.  I even did some weightlifting this evening, yay!  But I think part of the problem on the run was that I started out at 5.5mph, which I think is just a bit much for my weak little legs.  5mph feels like a good speed, so I'll keep it there until I build up some more muscle.

I'm going back to work tomorrow at a place where I have an hour long commute.  But I'm going to keep up my commitment to working out and run when I get home!

Miles logged: 4.0

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