Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Zensah sleeves = disappointment

Well, the Zensah sleeves really let me down.  I was so excited for my run today!  As soon as I got home from work I stretched for a couple of minutes and then slid on the sleeves, ready to go.  I thought they felt good, very snug and warm on my legs.  Once I got out there, though, my legs started hurting almost immediately.  I don't know if the odd feeling of my legs being compressed caused me to run with bad form, or there is the possibility my legs were just too fatigued from the run earlier in the week to make it today, but it was very uncomfortable.  I had to stop and walk after only 3 minutes of running, and then I just ran back home to take them off.  I tried to stretch out the muscle cramps on my front steps after taking off the sleeves, and then I set back out to hopefully run for another 20 minutes so I could check off the next workout on my training schedule.  But my legs hurt so badly, I had to walk for the majority of the time and at 25 minutes I was back home and decided to just give up.  Even my knee and ankle joints were starting to hurt and the pain wasn't lessening much with walking, so I came inside and did my usual post-run icing.  I'm hoping that by resting tonight I'll be able to make it through the whole 30 minutes of running tomorrow...needless to say, I'll be running SANS Zensah sleeves.  I'm seriously thinking about just returning them and getting $40 in my pocket.

Not finishing my workout is so disappointing!  I've been working out so much lately and it feels so good, I'm actually sitting here on the couch feeling sad that I don't have the burning feeling in my chest that lets me know I've just had a great run.  But tomorrow is another day, and I'm determined not to let this slight bump derail my motivation and the pride I've felt this week.

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