Monday, October 3, 2011

Princess Half Training Day #1

This week marks the start of my official training for the Princess Half Marathon in February.  And today was my first workout!  I'm following Jeff Galloway's Run Disney training program, which is designed specifically for the Princess Half.  So the goal for today was to run/walk for 30 minutes...

AND I RAN FOR 30 MINUTES!!!!  I'm so excited!  This is the point I've been trying to get to for the last several weeks!  And even better than the fact that I ran the whole time...MY LEGS DIDN'T HURT!!!!  They did start to hurt during the last 3 minutes of my run, but I think that's because I was tired and my form was slipping.  I was actually glad they started hurting because it showed me that they hurt because of bad form.  The trouble is I don't know what about my form was different this time!  But I've also noticed that they hurt more when I run slower, so something is wrong with my form when I'm moving slowly.

At first I was discouraged about my run, because I ordered some Zensah compression sleeves over a week ago, and I really thought they would be here today.  I've rushed home every day for the past week thinking they would have arrived, and every day I've been disappointed.  Today was the biggest disappointment of all, however, because the online tracking information told me that they arrived at my local post office on Saturday!  Hopefully they'll be here in time for my next run on Wednesday.

But one of my new items of running gear did arrive today!  I ordered 2 Bondi Bands last Friday and was super excited to wear one on my run today!

It's the first day when it's actually been cool during my run - 50/60 degree temps.  The Bondi Band was great!  It's also my first piece of gear that I'll definitely be wearing in the Princess Half.  When I opened the package, I thought the Bondi Bands felt very thin and flimsy and I was a little skeptical.  But it was fabulous!  It kept my ears warm, held my bangs back, and kept the sweat from dripping down my face.  I think there will be a large collection of Bondi Bands in varied colors/sayings in my future!

So happy and proud of my accomplishment today.  It's so encouraging, and I really hope I can keep up the good work on my next run!

(this includes my short little cool down, but the first 30 minutes was all running)

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