Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dear Yoga, I Miss You. Love, Tina

Dear Tina, Then come to class more often.  Love, Yoga

I went to my first yoga class today in a loooong time!  To be honest, I stopped going to yoga so much after my miscarriage because I had this scary idea that it contributed to the ectopic pregnancy in some way.  I am trying so hard to get over that because I truly love yoga and the way it makes me feel.

The yoga classes I have been to recently have been gentle or deep stretch yoga.  Since I had the day off work today and I was meeting my sister-in-law and nephew for lunch today, I decided to get my lazy butt out of bed and go to a morning class!  I was hoping there would be a hot vinyasa class on the calendar today but instead there was regular vinyasa with Tammy, one of my favorite instructors.  Tammy's classes are great because they are very physical and always leave me drenched in sweat.  I'm still a yoga novice so the physical aspect of the practice is a lot bigger for me at this point than the mental aspect.  I do love quiet, gentle yoga where I can close my eyes and relax, but I was really craving some serious lunging and balancing and today's class delivered.  

Even though the sweat was pouring off of me in class, yoga always leaves me feeling clean and refreshed and not slimy and smelly like other workouts.  I threw on a tshirt and met my SIL and nephew for a yummy lunch at On The Border and then headed back home.  Time for some productivity!

No workout tomorrow (unless I make it to another morning yoga class, which I'm strongly considering) because the Tar Heel 10 Miler is in 2 days!!

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