Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Let's work out

Last night I had a Stella & Dot event in Charlotte and my very sweet husband offered to go with me to help.  It was a good thing he did, because I had a lot of stuff to haul in and out and he was a huge help!  We had a great time but we didn't make it home until 9:30pm.  As we were pulling into the garage, Pete looked at my and said, "I want to work out.  Let's work out."

My husband NEVER wants to work out in the evenings.  Before we really committed to getting fit, he would say that he couldn't work out less than 2 hours before or after eating, and he couldn't work out less than 2 hours before going to bed.  I pointed out that that meant he needed a 5-6 hour window at the end of the day to be able to work out - kind of ridiculous.  He realized that and started bending his rules a little bit.  I told him it would be fine to eat before or after a work out as long as he was eating the right things!  Don't pig out on fajitas right before a run, but if you're hungry then have a banana and some peanut butter or a bagel.  So he's lightened up a lot, but he still hates to work out late at night, so I was stunned when he said he wanted to work out at 9:30pm!

I quickly got changed and asked him what kind of work out he wanted to do.  Both of us were still pretty sore in our quads from the 10 Miler on Saturday, so we decided to work on arms.  We have a few weddings to go to this summer and my shoulders and chest need a lot of work before I'm ready for strapless dresses!  Pete hadn't done any arms in a long time and I think he was surprised and how tough it was.  I've been doing this workout once a week for about 3-4 weeks now so I did a little better.  But it was great to work out together!

When I started running, one of my reasons for running was to encourage my husband to work out more as well.  His birthday is next Wednesday and he's been having trouble deciding what he wants as a birthday gift.  Sunday night, after he spent a considerable amount of time on the computer, he told me that he'd just registered for 4 more triathlons this summer and that's what he wanted his birthday present to be!  I was so surprised but so happy!  He signed up to do the half marathon and his triathlon this year but that was largely because I really pushed him to do it.  I don't think he was that into it starting out, but now he's definitely caught the racing bug!  We're also looking into planning our vacation in October around a run somewhere in New York, DC, Virginia, or elsewhere!

I'm beyond thrilled to be a fit family!  I love racing with my husband and working out together.  It feels great and I think it's brought us closer together too!

I don't have another long distance race on my calendar right now, but I'm still looking.  I don't think there are many half marathons during the summer, so I might just be doing lots of 5Ks and 10Ks and keeping up my endurance on my long runs.  Pete and I have, however, been talking a lot about the Disney Marathon, which is in January.  Obviously I won't be running any marathons if I'm pregnant or have recently given birth.  At this point, we won't be having a baby before January.  I'm trying to take the whole TTC (trying to conceive) thing very lightly this month and just put it out of my mind - it was too stressful and too heartbreaking last month.  But I've come to an unspoken agreement with myself that if I'm not pregnant by the end of the summer, I'm going to take some time off from trying and we are going to train for and run the 2013 Disney Marathon.  Big decision, but I'm very happy about it!

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