Wednesday, April 25, 2012

lulu Love

Went for a run this afternoon in my new lululemon outfit!  I have many lulu items for yoga, but not quite as much for running.  I did get some great tights and a pullover in winter for cold weather running, but for quite awhile I've been wanting to get some lulu running shorts.

If you know lululemon, you know that they have a huge variety of shorts.  It has been really tough deciding which ones I wanted to try, especially since the closest store is an hour away and I don't get over there very often.  I usually order online so I don't always get to try things on first.  The Speed Shorts are what I considered most strongly, but I've never been able to bite the bullet on those because they seem so short...I tend to like just a little extra length on my shorts so that I don't feel like I'm running in underwear. The Turbo Shorts are the long version of the Speeds, but I just didn't think they looked very flattering.  I also considered the new Shorty Shorts, but I had a feeling that the tight leg openings would give me reverse muffin top of the thighs - not pretty.

Then last week something happened to make my decision much easier!  Lululemon introduced the Tracker Shorts in the color flash.  Flash is a neon highlighter shade of pink that I am kind of obsessed with!  I read every single review of the Trackers - many people said the length was between the Turbos and the Speeds and that the elastic waistband (which looks really weird in the model photos) smoothed out very nicely in person and actually looked super cute!  I was sold.  I ordered the Tracker Shorts in flash and for good measure snagged a Cool Racerback tank in gray that was on sale.

Well, my new gear came today and let me just say that I have a new favorite running outfit!

The length of the Trackers is perfect for me.  They're short enough to be cute but not so much that I'm self conscious and constantly trying to tug them down.  I also followed the recommendation of several reviewers and went down a size.  I wear either a 6 or 8 in bottoms depending on the fit, so I went with the 6 and I'm very happy with it.  Other reviewers said that in the larger size the shorts had kind of a baggy diaper look to them, rather than the signature fitted cute booty lululemon is known and loved for!  The one complaint I have about the Trackers is that the liner is a little on the thick side, so my bum got pretty sweaty on the run!  Nothing serious enough for me to take back my new shorts, though!

And about the Cool Racerback - I have run in my Power Y tanks several times since the weather has warmed up and they are very comfortable.  My problem with them is that they are pretty thick and they just don't breathe enough to keep me cool on 80 degree days in North Carolina.  Power Ys are PERFECT for yoga, though, they don't even show sweat!  Anyway, I had been wanting to try the CRB in hopes that it would be a little cooler and I wasn't disappointed!  This tank is so flattering and so comfortable, I'm going to start collecting it in every color (I wish)!

Any other lululemon devotees out there?  What are your favorite running shorts?

*Disclaimer: lululemon has no idea who I am or that I'm writing this post, I just adore their clothes and wanted to do a post about my quest for the perfect running shorts*

Find all the things I mentioned in this post:
Run: Speed Shorts $54
Turbo Run Shorts $54
Run: Tracker Shorts $54
Run: Shorty Shorts $58
Power Y Tank $52
Cool Racerback $42

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